LARS Violins is nestled in a studio  in North East PA, and is owned and operated by David Lars. I hope that you'll look through my pages and see for yourself what my work entails.
  It is a fully functional shop where I repair and restore, violins, violas and cellos. I don't do repair work on double basses; (some emergency work may be an exception). I was apprenticed in two violin shops  where I learned the luthier craft and have been practicing for nearly twenty yrs.
While comfortable with almost all repairs, I find surface restoration work to be the most satisfying; matching varnish, grafting worn down sides, cleaning and regluing dark cracks, are some of the skills I can offer.
On the next page I'll take you through some work from start to finish; and also some pictorial views of everyday work that most frequents the shop. Also, the shop has a small assortment of instruments  for sale or rent.
 I also have a back round in orchestral playing and may be of help to a player with his or her needs of a certain sound or feel that they want out of a violin or bow.
You'll also find a pricing guide page.
I try to keep my shop as pretty much organic as I can. Most of my solvents, varish removers, polishes etc. are non toxic and biodegradable; so you don't have to worry about your fine instruments being harmed by poisons. I use grain alcohol to mix with varnishes and pure hide glue.