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1. Here is a Carl Neumann violin that the owner
wanted restored.. In the pic I'm lifting off the top to view the underside belly and the bass bar. In the photo I'm trying to loosen the top off of the block that I loosened with hot water; since it had been glued with white.glue...a bear to get loosened and lifted off. I also had to cut through a wooden dowel with a thin very fine-toothed saw.
2.  After removing the top I found two surface cracks that opened when lifting off the top. So next I cleaned and reglued the two underside cracks and clamped them.
3.4.  These two photos show the gluing of the cleats.  The right side photo shows the finished cleats with a traditional geometric cut., and a finished re-graduated top.
5.   The bass bar was in very good condition and carved correctly, but I found that the bass bar had come loose at the end over time so I glued it securely. Also the graduation was near perfect, so I only had to graduate some heightened areas
6.   After all cracks and the bass bar were secure I clamped on the top.
                TO THIS:
7.   When finally completed with a new bridge,, tailpiece, adjusted and polished  pegs; I french polished it to complete the restoration.

Here is a varnish restoration on a copy of a Lupot violin.
At left a before and after varnish restoration.
Below I'm graduating a top.